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2021-05-17refactor(core): Rebuilt the subcommand structurev2.0.0KunoiSayami
* refactor(test): Rename mod from core_test to core
2021-05-16doc: Add configure sections to READMEv1.0.0KunoiSayami
2021-05-15feat(core): Add remaining repository protect configure methodv0.4.2KunoiSayami
* refactor(test): Move test out from core file
2021-05-15feat(core): Set protect policy default enabledv0.4.1KunoiSayami
* fix(auth): Fix authenticate cookie failure in root page
2021-05-15feat(core): Add per-repository protect optionv0.4.0KunoiSayami
* feat(auth): Support per-repository user authenticate * feat(test): Support new configure structure test * refactor(database): Upgrade database structure to v3
2021-05-14feat(test): Add test for authenticate cookiev0.3.8KunoiSayami
2021-05-13feat(core): Use timestamp file to determined should copy or notv0.3.7KunoiSayami
* feat(test): Test will check post response validity
2021-05-13style: Address cargo fmtKunoiSayami
2021-05-13refactor(test): Revert some code to v0.3.2v0.3.5KunoiSayami
* fix(core): Fix missing not operator cause unexpected behavior
2021-05-13fix(test): Fix test always failureKunoiSayami
2021-05-13refactor(test): Use spawn process instead of call functionKunoiSayami
2021-05-12refactor(core): Add a way to run unit test in cargoKunoiSayami
2021-05-10style(core): Address cargo fmtKunoiSayami
2021-05-10refactor(database): Add repo tablev0.3.0KunoiSayami
* feat(core): Add upgrade function from database v1 to v2
2021-05-10feat: Add reset database subcommandv0.2.1KunoiSayami
* fix: Fix CI build failure
2021-05-10refactor: Use argon2 instead of sha256 to store passwordv0.2.0KunoiSayami
* style: Update html file style
2021-05-09feat: Add deluser commandv0.1.5KunoiSayami
2021-05-09feat: Add list user commandv0.1.4KunoiSayami
* workflow: Delete Windows build target
2021-05-08feat: Support bypass root browsev0.1.3KunoiSayami
* fix: Fix redirect not work properly
2021-05-08fix: Fix authenticate-cookie not working properlyv0.1.2KunoiSayami
* feat: Add adduser subcommand
2021-05-07fix: Fix database can't initialize properlyKunoiSayami
2021-05-07feat: Make redis key more shorterKunoiSayami
2021-05-06feat: Add configure parserKunoiSayami